Carbon Neutral Businesses

Our Approach to Achieving Carbon Neutrality in 2050

Hydrogen Production Plant

We will propose the optimum process according to the requested raw material, product flow rate, and hydrogen purity.
Combined with CO2 capture, this system enables cleaner hydrogen production.


CO2 Recovery and Liquefaction Plants

We propose the optimal process for recovering and concentrating CO2 from combustion exhaust gas, steel mill off-gas, fermentation gas, etc. We also propose the compression and refrigeration of recovered CO2gas and its liquefaction and purification.


Wind Power Generation Facility

We take full responsibility for wind power generation facilities, from planning and basic design to commissioning and maintenance.
In the planning stage, we will propose the optimal design based on an assessment of the installation environment. We can also handle renewable energy power plants that combine solar power generation and other renewable energies besides wind power generation.


Fuel Ammonia Supply Facility

We offer proposals for the planning, basic design, and construction of facilities to receive, store, and supply ammonia transported for fuel.


Biojet Fuel Production Equipment

We offer proposals from basic design to construction of biojet fuel production equipment made from a variety of biomass.