Engineering Business

We provide a full range of services from investment planning to design, procurement, construction, and maintenance. 

Cosmo Engineering Co., Ltd. possesses technologies that accurately respond to a wide range of contemporary needs, from petroleum plants and chemical plants to environmental response and carbon neutrality-related projects. We can provide consistent services from the planning and research stages to maintenance.


Research and Development Support
We support the needs of demonstration and experimentation in the planning phase. We support the realization of demonstration facilities based on the results of your lab tests.
  • Support for commercialization of new process development
  • Pilot plant design
  • Estimation of equipment and operating costs
  • Demonstration plant design
Enhancement and Remodeling Plan

We will make suggestions for improvements as facility needs change.

  • Examination of enhancement and modification of existing facilities
  • Equipment renewal and relocation study
  • Study of compliance with laws, regulations, and standards
  • Maintenance of existing books
FS(Feasibility Study)

Through extensive information gathering and in-depth analysis, we formulate a basic plan that extends all the way to actual operations.

  • Project and process evaluation
  • Location studies, environmental and security measures
  • Conceptual design of processes and major equipment
  • Estimate project budget
  • Study and evaluation of economic feasibility
FEED(Front End Engineering Design)

Support new business from the initial planning stage. We provide FEED services for budget planning.

  • Safety study
  • Preparation of documents for EPC bidding
  • Technical evaluation of EPC bidding documents

Design / Procurement / Construction

Basic Design

To satisfy the requirements of the project, we consider the overall plan's structure and functional consistency, and set the groundwork for detailed design.

  • Determination of basic design provisions
  • Analysis and examination of process functions
  • Review of legal and regulatory issues
  • Process design
  • Basic design of various equipment
Detailed Design

To further substantiate plant construction, structures and specifications are extremely closely finalized.

  • Structural design
  • Preparation of specifications for equipment and materials
  • Preparation of construction specifications
  • Preparation of construction drawings
  • Preparation of various technical documents

We provide a complete system of responsibility, from the purchase of materials for the equipment needed for the plant to transportation and inspection.

  • Purchasing of equipment and materials
  • Transportation and delivery of equipment and materials
  • Inspection of equipment and materials

We follow the construction plan with the shortest construction period and cost-minimum under strict control.

  • Construction plan development
  • Construction work (construction management/quality control/process control/health and safety management)
Trial Operation

The plant is test-run according to the commissioning plan. After further operational guidance, the plant is handed over to the client.

  • Commissioning plan
  • Preparation of operating procedures
  • Conducting trial operation
  • Driving instruction

Maintenance and Preservation

Facility Optimization

We propose equipment modifications and cost optimization as well as maintenance.

  • Investigate the possibility of increasing throughput based on actual operation results
  • Evaluation of the capacity of aging equipment. Conversion feasibility study.
  • Consideration of reinforcement
  • Study on reduction of throughput beyond the design range
  • Equipment relocation study
  • Calculation of equipment modification and retrofitting costs
Introduction of New Technology

Assistance in introducing new equipment for energy conservation and environmental measures.

  • Energy conservation study
  • Heat recovery enhancement study
  • Study on introduction of facilities for environmental improvement
  • Flare gas recovery study
  • Study of higher purity and quality of products
Trouble Analysis

We will find out the cause of the trouble and solve it.

  • Driving analysis by tracing driving on a simulator
  • Estimation of trouble factors and planning of countermeasures
  • Study of wear and corrosion countermeasures for equipment and facilities
  • Safety measures study
Preservation plan

We will prepare maintenance guidelines (maintenance plan and statement of reasons) and propose optimal maintenance while evaluating actual performance.

  • Facility Diagnostics and Risk Assessment
  • Conservation budgeting
  • Preparation of specifications for maintenance work
  • Subsidies for government agency applications

We support the continuous and stable operation of facilities by utilizing the know-how cultivated in our user-affiliated engineering companies.

  • Daily inspection and repair
  • Periodic maintenance work

For more information, please visit the Maintenance page.


We offer safe and secure plant demolition services for large equipment, outdoor tanks, and even reinforced concrete buildings.

  • Demolition planning and construction in the vicinity of plants in operation
  • Planning and construction for demolition of facilities containing dioxin and asbestos
  • Demolition planning and construction in a single area (equipment, tanks, buildings, etc.)