CO2 Recovery and Liquefaction Plants

We contribute to the achievement of carbon neutrality by recovering carbon dioxide.

CO2 is recovered and condensed from combustion exhaust gases, off gases from iron production operations, and fermentation gases. CO2 recovered are compressed and refrigerated in order to conduct liquefaction and purification of high-purity liquefied CO2 (that can pass food additive standards) is produced.


  • CO2 from low concentrations to high concentrations are treated.
  • Impurities within raw gases (SOx, NOx, and alcohol) are processed prior to recovering highly-pure CO2 in a highly-efficient fashion.
  • The product purity can be adjusted and supported up to 99.99% according to the usage.

Major Application

For dry ice, for food additives, for inert gas, and for freezers 


We can design your desired plant according to the usage of CO2.

Processes and Methods

CO2 recovery: Absorption , adsorption and membrane separation