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To Support the Safety and Integrity of a Large-scale Plant
Features of Maintenance Business of Cosmo Engineering

We provide maintenance services uniquely based on the integration of E & M (Engineering and Maintenance). By integrating with our Engineering Division, we are able to formulate and implement the optimal maintenance plan for your plant based on its unique requirements, providing total support for the continual and stable operation of your plant and its facilities.

Features of Our Maintenance Services

Cosmo Engineering, as a client-focused engineering firm, provides maintenance services based on our customer’s requirements.

As a client-focused engineering firm of Cosmo Energy Group, we have contributed to safety operation over the years. Extensive experience in the maintenance of plants and facilities enables us to propose and implement practical maintenance services for the plant users.

With our own engineering division, We are able to modify plant equipment and facilities while maintenance is underway.

Since we have our own engineering division, we are capable of modifying the plants while maintenance is still underway. This simultaneous work is one of the characteristic aspects of the company. By utilizing know-how cultivated by plant maintenance, we propose and implement design work with maintenance in mind.

A comprehensive understanding of plant operation is crucial to the efficient implementation of advanced maintenance services.

Our daily inspection work requires advanced maintenance technology with comprehensive understanding of plant operation. We respond to your high-level maintenance requirements with experience and technology cultivated at the refineries, of which the mission is to constantly supply vast amounts of high-quality products.

We'lll create maintenance guidelines (maintenance plans and written explanations), evaluate your plant's performance and formulate an appropriate maintenance management plan.

Systematic maintenance management is essential to the stable operation of your plant and its facilities. With years of experience and know-how, We'lll create and implement a comprehensive maintenance plan and evaluate results consistently. We can also propose plans to optimize your equipment management and minimize your maintenance costs.

Maintenance Services


By repeating each PDCA cycle process, we continually provide appropriate maintenance services to our customers.

Responding to the Needs of Our Customers

Enhance your competitiveness by reducing total cost

By repeating each PDCA cycle process, we continually provide appropriate maintenance services to our customers.

Maintain equipment quality in order to raise operation rates

When it comes to scheduled maintenance periods and procedures, an optimal balance between cost and quality is imperative. While ensuring that safety is the top priority, we design maintenance methods and schedule maintenance periods that serve to raise equipment operation rates in order to maximize profits.

The cultivation of our engineers' talent has resulted in a unique maintenance system

Our engineers have developed expertise on both sides of E &M (Engineering and Maintenance); CEC's human resources are always on hand to provide high value-added solutions and to support every aspect of your maintenance needs.

By maintaining sufficient capacity, we can support to minimize loss in the event of an emergency.

A minimal maintenance system may be adequate during normal operation, but ample capacity and flexibility are needed to cope with unexpected situations and unanticipated problems. In order to minimize production loss in the case of an emergency, we establish a shift-work system capable of responding to a full range of possible scenarios.