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Construction of Wind Power Generation Facilities

Building a society where an environmentally friendly, stable and safe energy supply is  available for the future

Taking advantage of our rich experience cultivated through EPC projects of plant construction and secure technical capability, we undertake all aspects of wind power generation facilities, from basic design, to construction, commissioning, and maintenance.

Project Cases


Based on our experience of engaging in plant construction projects, we are ready to provide design and construction along with the consideration of maintenance ability.

Major Application

Selling of electric power generated by wind power generation facilities


Construction of large-scale wind power generation facilities (2,000~3,000 kw)

In the design and planing stage, we propose an optimal design based on plant location environments.

In the construction stage, construction is completed in the shortest possible period, while striving for minimal impact on local residents and wildlife habitats.

In the operation, management and maintenance stage we propose maintenance and necessary inspections for ensuring a high operation ratio.


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