Overseas Business

We have engaged in many plant projects in a wide variety of countries centered on Southeast Asia and the Middle East by integrating and utilizing professional knowledge and technologies that we have cultivated through maintenance work and construction projects of COSMO OIL refineries. We will strive to obtain overseas projects actively according to the needs of each country in the world based in Japan and Abu Dhabi. ★Previous Projects Locations

Recent Projects

CTCI Corporation, Thailand (Bangchak refinery)

Product Quality Improvement Project

  • Design Verification of Hydro-Cracker Unit
  • Primary Equipment Procurement Service
  • Commissioning Assistant Service

Grand Pacific Petrochemical Corporation (GPPC)

Hydrogen Recovery Unit Project

  • Basic Design of Hydrogen Recovery Unit
  • Supply of Main Equipment
  • Commissioning SV

Introduction of Overseas Branch Offices

Abu Dhabi Branch

Technical strength of an engineering service company to the world from Abu Dhabi, UAE