Fuel Ammonia Supply Facility

We offer proposals for receiving ammonia transported as fuel, planning, basic design, and construction of storage and supply facilities.

We undertake the planning, basic design, and construction of fuel ammonia supply facilities (receiving, storage, and supply) based on our accumulated knowledge and experience, to achieve carbon neutrality.


  • Support for planning phase and FEED (Front End Engineering Design)
  • Suppor for Ammonia handling based on our experience of industrial gas plant design and construction
  • Technical capabilities based on experience in design and construction of receiving and shipping facilities and cryogenic to ambient temperature storage facilities

Major Application

  • Various technical studies
  • Various technical surveys
  • Feasibility Study
  • FEED (Front End Engineering Design)
  • Basic design
  • Construction of supply facilities from receiving by ship and lorry, storage tanks, to the use point.


Various studies and surveys about Anmonia supply facilities