Message from Top Management

Since our founding in 1958 we have responded to the needs of the times through plant construction and maintenance in various industrial fields including city gas, petroleum and chemical industries as a comprehensive engineering company.


As a unique engineering company with two business fields, engineering and maintenance, we provide original value to our customers.

Our distinctive feature is our service that combines engineering technology we have cultivated through plant construction in various business fields with the maintenance technology that has supported the safe and stable operation of refineries. As a partner in resolving issues, we offer high value-added services that are tailored to the customer's perspective.


As the global movement toward carbon neutrality accelerates and we enter a transitional period in the energy transition, we believe that we can contribute to society in a very wide range of ways through our business.

In the renewable energy business, we have supported the commercialization of wind power generation projects as a strong partner and have a proven track record from design to construction, and the wind power generation facility construction field has now grown to become our core business. Also, in the fields of hydrogen and ammonia production and supply facilities, and CO2 separation and recovery, we are aiming to further improve our technologies and expand our business.


With our management philosophy "We will CREATE" in mind, we will strive to provide high-quality technology and services that exceed the expectations of our customers, subcontractors, and other stakeholders.

We look forward to your continued support and encouragement.


Cosmo Engineering Co., Ltd.

Representative Director, President

Kazuhiro Matsubayashi