Solar Power Generation Facilities

Solar energy is the most abundant and earth-conscious energy for power generation.

Our skill and experience in civil engineering and electrical work is fully utilized in the construction of solar power generation facilities. We are ready to support and back up power suppliers with our fully-equipped maintenance system.


  • We offer installation services of various equipment manufacturer’s solar panels.

  • We also handle hybrid power generation equipment of wind and soler power.


By utilizing solar energy, CO2 emissions are decreased resulting in less environmental impact and idle lands can be effectively utilized for energy production.

Our Advantages

  • Excellent EPC fitting the needs of each customer
  • Able to respond to any demands, from partial design to total project completion from start to finish
  • A wide variety of manufacturer choices according to the device and equipment are available
  • Assistance with various applications and preparation of necessary documents
  • Full support from introduction to commissioning