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Project Case 17
Sanmu Solar Power Generation System Construction Project

Project data

Customer Name
Godogaisha Kaihatsu No. 31
Company Address
Kibara-otani 2293-1, Sanmu-shi, Chiba Prefecture
Construction Name
Sanmu Solar Power Generation System Construction Project
Date of Completion
August 2018
No. of Instruments
Electric power output: 1.0 MW (175 W x 6,272 panels)
Sanmu Solar Power Generation System Construction Project
Sanmu Solar Power Generation System Construction Project

Construction of 1.0 MW mega solar power plant in Sanmu with good sunlight overlooking Kujukuri Beach in Chiba Prefecture

Renewable energy is increasing due to the introduction of the feed-in-tariff (FIT) system. A solar power plant--utilizing one form of renewable energy--was constructed on a 3.9 ha in Sanmu, Chiba Prefecture. Land development work for the project covered 72,000 m3.

Mountain forest trees 800 meters from Hyuga Station, which is a 40-minute train ride from JR Chiba Station on the Sobu Line, were logged to develop the land and install 6,272 solar panels. The generated power is transmitted by 6.6 kV high-voltage interconnect.

Residences and schools are situated around the site, and thus overtime work and work on holidays were completely restricted due to noise and for children's safety. Under the circumstances, trial operation was completed in August 2018, after which power transmission began.

DJI_0040.jpg IMG_1496.jpg
Photo taken by drone

Solar power panels

Sanmu cedar logging

Sanmu cedar trees as tall as 25 to 30 meters were cut down and cut into a certain length on site before being carried out.

The cedar was processed into chips for fuel and sawdust for bedding of livestock animals at a processing plant.

Logged Sanmu cedar

Trees cut down with heavy machines

Logs carried out

Land development (cut earth and earth fill of 72,000 m3)

Although the land development work of the poorly-drained clay layer after the tree logging became more difficult due to unseasonal torrential rains and bomb cyclones, temporary reservoir construction and ground improvement work helped facilitate its completion.

【Aerial photos: Scenes from the land development work】

2017_12_16.jpg aDJI_0090-thumb-1280x720-1877-thumb-500xauto-1901.jpg DJI_0063.jpg

December 16

January 16 February 14
DJI_0396.jpg DJI_0657.jpg DJI_0765.jpg
May 2 June 22 July 4

Solar panel installation (6,272 panels)

To make up for the delay with the land development work, piling, mount assembly, and solar panel installation work was conducted beginning in the northern area.

The work in the southern area was also conducted speedily in accordance with the progress of the land development work.

【The Scenes from the solar panel installation】

IMG_1222.jpg IMG_1223.jpg 071105.jpg
July 4 (1) July 4 (2) July 11
IMG_1361.jpg DJI_0930.jpg DJI_0949.jpg
July 31 August 4 August 4

Electrical work, adjustments, and pre-use tests

A Power Conditioning System (PCS) consists of 50 kW x 20 units. Dielectric strength voltage tests were performed at night with no power generation.

The pre-use tests at full and partial loads were completed, and power transmission to the interconnect began on August 23.

【Scenes from the electrical work, adjustments, and pre-use tests】

IMG_1207.jpg 071117.jpg IMG_1310.jpg
June 27 July 11 July 18
IMG_1339.jpg IMG_1466.jpg IMG_1528.jpg
July 25 August 10 August 16