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Hydrogen Production Plants - Steam-Reforming Process


We offer high efficiency hydrogen production plants for high purity hydrogen production.

A steam-reforming hydrogen plant produces high purity hydrogen from natural gas, LPG, naphtha, and off gas as feedstocks. This technology is most widely applied to hydrogen production for medium to large capacity.

The process configuration consits of a reforming section and purification section. According to the required purity and capacity, we offer appropriate reforming and purification technology.

Project Cases

  • Wide range feedstock from off gas, NG to Naphtha

  • Our sophisticated reforming furnaces are easily maintained and provide safe and easy operation

  • Reliable hydrogen production with high efficiency

Major Application
  • Hydrogen for hydrogenation in refinery, utility of petrochemical plant and other industrial applications
  • High purity hydrogen for liquefied hydrogen
  • Hydrogen sources for off-site hydrogen supply stations
  • Capacity range: - 50,000 Nm3/h
  • Hydrogen purity: - 99.999%.
Processes and Methods
  • Reforming section: Steam-reforming, and high temperature shift
  • Purification section: PSA, etc.

Large-capacity hydrogen production system


Middle-capacity hydrogen production system


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