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Feasibility studies, research works, and trouble shooting

Our professional engineers support you with feasibility studies for plant projects.

A wide variety of professional engineers lend their helping hands to you with their specialist knowledge of feasibility studies, research work and trouble shooting concerning plants.

Project Cases

  • We can accommodate your tight feasibility study schedule.
  • We get high quality results.
  • We can propose a feasibility study according to your budget requirements.

We conduct studies with high precision. 

Major Application
  • Various technical study
  • Various technical research works
  • Feasibility study
  • FEED (Front End Engineering Design)
  • Basic design
  • Scale up study
  • Trouble shooting

We respond to various examination items regarding plant projects.

Processes and Methods
  • Process simulator
  • Dynamic simulator
  • Heat exchanger and furnace
  • Economic evaluation
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