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Gas Plants - Carbon Monoxide and Oxo Gas Production Plants

We provide plants that achieve highly-effective production of carbon monoxide gas and oxo gas.

Our proposed processes offer stable production performance and high-level production efficiency that produce carbon monoxide (CO) gas and oxo (H2+CO) gas based on hydrocarbons as raw materials that include natural gas, LPG, and naphtha, and methanol.

Project Cases

  • A wide variety of raw materials can be selected, such as natural gas, LPG, butane, naphtha, off gases, and methanol.
  • The product CO purity can be adjusted and supported according to the usage (to 99.9%).
  • We select the best process that uses raw materials an product gas (CO + H2).
  • Inexpensive gas production cost is achieved.
Major Application

Production of reaction gases such as polycarbonate, phosgene, oxo alcohol, isocyanate, and butanediol

  • Product purity: CO concentration - 99.9%
  • Supply pressure: 0.5 - 3 MPa
Processes and Methods
  • Reforming: Howe-Baker steam reforming process, and MGC-MD process from Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company,Inc.
  • Purification: H2: PSA, CO: PSA, Cryogenic separation and Membrane separation
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