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Abu Dhabi Branch

In April 2012, our Abu Dhabi branch was established primarily for the purpose of serving project development of new concession areas and various revamping projects for existing plants of Abu Dhabi Oil Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Cosmo Energy Holdings Co., Ltd.. The Abu Dhabi branch aims to provide excellent services, fully integrating and utilizing both our professional knowledge and technologies cultivated over the years since the company was founded. The Abu Dhabi branch is determined to offer optimal solutions to our clients. With the advantage of our access to utilize the technologies of the Design Department and the Project Department of our Tokyo headquarters, we are committed to providing various engineering services including site survey, concept design, basic design, and detailed design.

Cosmo Engineering Co.,Ltd.  Abu Dhabi Branch

Office Address

#402 Montazah Tower , Zayed 1st Street,
Khalidiyah, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.


30 minutes by taxi from Abu Dhabi Airport

Route from Abu Dhabi Airport

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