Maintenance Services

For more than 30 years, we have provided maintenance services for the three refineries of COSMO OIL Co., Ltd. Our maintenance services include user maintenance work commissioned by COSMO OIL Co. Ltd., and we are responsible for safety and construction management as a prime contractor. Our experienced and expert engineering resources are involved in every aspect of maintenance services, from planning to implementation.


We provide maintenance services (maintenance management) for plant components, such as towers and vessels, heat exchangers, furnaces and piping, including off-site equipment like outdoor tanks. Depending on the maintenance plan established, we also create construction specifications, clear and manage related budgets, and handle general office work such as procurement of construction equipment and materials.


We provide maintenance services (maintenance, inspection and repair) for a large number of monitoring instruments and devices, adjusting and controlling them by utilizing data feedback from a variety of instrumentation.
We adjust and control such instruments and devices based on data obtained by utilizing various types of instrumentation devices.


We provide maintenance services (maintenance, inspection and repair) for the electrical equipment and devices of the entire plant. Our services involve inspecting electrical devices and managing their residual lives in order to prevent equipment malfunction or failure.

Rotating Equipment

Our services also include maintenance work (maintenance, inspection and repair) for the wide variety of rotating equipment and devices used in plants such as pumps, compressors, blowers and gas turbines. We have the experience and the advanced maintenance technology to effectively perform the maintenance work and life management required for rotating equipment.

National Strategic Oil Reserve

We provide maintenance services for the national strategic oil reserve, utilizing the experience and expertise gained from years of performing maintenance work for refineries.