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Dense Loading - Catalyst Filling Technology

Technology that fills catalyst densely and uniformly

Maximum difference in height on the surface ±200 mm (Reactor ID is 4 m's case)

Dusting rate of catalyst is comparatively low about 0.2% (This is an experimental value and could vary depending on the strength of catalyst)

Loading velocity: 8-22 m3/hr (reactor radius: 1-4.5 m)

Loading density is increased by 10 - 16% (compared to sock loading) (* Varies depending on the reactor diameter and height, and catalyst type and shape)


Clear and low loading cost


Dense and uniform catalyst loading

Major Application

Dense catalyst loading


CEC catalyst loading machine: φ445x960 mm, 70 kg

Applicable reactor tower diameter: 1 - 5 m

Catalyst change work in the nitrogen atmosphere

Inert entry technology accident-free for more than 35 years

Features: We have extensive know-how implementing this work without accident for over 35 years.

Benefits: Catalyst skimming and extraction under the inert atmosphere in a short period of time

Applications: Work at risk of oxygen deficiency when skimming/extracting catalyst

Specifications: Inert entry technology with our unique development and modification

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