Logistics System (ADPAC)

This system can be composed based on the scale of our customer and additional functions can easily be added at a later time.

This system is a package system where acceptance, receiving orders, vehicle assignment, shipping control, inventory management, equipment monitoring, and maintenance support are organized for logistics bases and chemical plants for oil products, chemical products, and fuel gases.


  • Design based on the operator's position or point of view incorporating our company's wealth of skill and experience
  • Large to small scale functions can be combined by means of dispersion
  • Redundancy (high reliability) available depending on budget, flexible system structure, safety data maintenance


Power-saving, prevention of errors, and safety improvement

Major Application

Oil terminals, gas terminals, chemical product stations, drinking water, and shipping bases

Processes and Methods

Receiving and shipping control monitoring, receiving and shipping information control, and tank receipt and shipping, control monitoring



Example of a Fuel Oil Logistics System