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Project Case 16
Formalin Production Plant in Indonesia

Project data

Customer Name
P.T. Gelora Citra Kimia Abadi (Licensor: Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc.)
Company Address
Temanggung, Central Java, Indonesia
Construction Name
Formalin Production Plant in Indonesia
Date of Completion
December 2017
Construction Equipment Capacity
130 tons/day
Formalin Production Plant in Indonesia

Expansion of Formalin Production Plant

P.T. Gelora Citra Kimia Abadi (GCKA), headquartered in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, has been engaged in the manufacture and sale of plywood adhesives made from formalin for many years. In response to their loyal customers demand and to guarantee supply adhesives continuously, GCKA decided to install additional formalin production unit at their plant in Temanggung, Central Java. GCKA already had three formalin production units (GLR-1-3) with a production process license from Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company (MGC), so they selected the MGC production process for the fourth unit as well.

Exporting of Plant Construction Equipment and Material to Indonesia

The scope of the order we received was for design based on the licensor package, procurement, marine transport and supervision of the commissioning. The customer did the domestic transport, installation and construction work themselves. The plant components, including equipment and construction materials for piping, structure, electric and instrumentation, were all designed and manufactured in Japan and exported to Indonesia.

horumarin 2.jpg horumarin 3.jpg
  Plant components shipped from Kobe Port Large volume of wooden crates that arrived at the
Temanggung Plant Site



horumarin 4.jpg

Formalin production unit under construction

Three Companies Cooperate to Complete Formalin Production Plant

After the equipment and construction materials were delivered at Semarang Port in Indonesia, on-site construction by GCKA proceeded smoothly, and supervisors were dispatched from MGC and CEC for the commissioning. The work was successfully completed by the collaboration between the three companies.

horumarin 5.jpg horumarin 6.jpg
Product analysis during commissioning Preparation for commissioning

horumarin 7.jpg

After completion of the commissioning (GCKA, MGC and CEC)

horumarin 8rev.jpg

New formalin production plant (GLR-4) at the Temanggung Plant Site