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Remote Monitoring System

Necessary information, to the necessary people, whenever necessary!

Operational status of remote equipment can be confirmed and operated on a real-time basis.

Operational records can be accumulated, and alarm information is transmitted when a malfunction or error occurs.


This system collects and stores operational data by using PHS or telephone networks. When a malfunction or error occurs, this system notifies the person in charge concerning the matter via the Internet.


Unmanned operation and monitoring along with cost saving can be achieved by means of information sharing via mobile phone networks, error notification, and information collection

Major Application

Power generators, pumps, reservoirs and tanks, water supply, gas meters, surveillance/security cameras


1.You can receive an E-mail message if an error occurs in the facility.

2.You can confirm the operational status of each device using a PC.

3.You can operate each device remotely using a PC.

4.You can create operational record ledgers with operational data for each device that has date collected and stored.

Example 1: Unattended equipment operation

Example 2: Tank inventory management

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