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Hydrogen Production Plants - Methanol Cracking Process

Hydrogen is produced from methanol and water as feedstocks under mild reaction conditions.

A stable, low-cost production of high purity hydrogen based on methanol and water as raw materials.



  • Highly active at low temperatures (290°C or lower), and a long-life catalyst
  • Composed of a fewer number of components, with a small plant area
  • Operation load can easily be changed
  • Less startup/shutdown time required, best for intermittent operation
  • Low maintenance cost
Major Application

Reductive gas, hydrogenation, fuel cells, and various industrial utilities

  • Production capacity: 100 Nm3/h -
  • Hydrogen purity: 75 - 99.999%
  • Supplied pressure: 0.5 - 3 MPa
Processes and Methods
  •  Reforming: MGC-MH Process of Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company,INC.
  •  Purification: PSA process 

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