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Engineering Solution

We provide total plant engineering services including
feasibility study, engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance.

Cosmo Engineering possesses technology that adequately meets the wide spectrum of modern needs, from petroleum plants and chemical plants to environmental-related technology such as waste gas treatment, energy-related fields including hydrogen energy and wind power generation. We provide total plant engineering services from feasibility study to maintenance.

Feasibility Study

  • Pilot/Test Plant Design (Research & Development) CASE1
  • Optimal Process Selection (Economical Evaluation)
  • Feed (Front End Engineering Design)
  • Bottleneck Study/Revamp Study (Reinforcement – Remodeling Plan)


  • Design Output (Basic Design)
  • Engineering Service


  • Detailed Design
  • Vendor Document Control (Procurement)
  • Construction
  • Commissioning


  • Facility Optimization
  • New Technology Introduction to Existing Facility
  • TroubleshootingCASE3
  • Maintenance Plan

CASE1Demonstration Plant Design

For clients with samples prepared through manual beaker test

  • ・Utilizing plant design know-how
  • ・Provision of fully-automatic laboratory equipment

We undertake demonstration plants and commercial plants.


FEED for budgeting and feasibility study for new business proposal

*Each engineer at our company can handle a wide variety of tasks, so it is possible to work on detailed designs simultaneously while solidifying basic designs. Our engineers will work together with clients from the condition settings and will be able to complete the task for as short a time as possible.


  • ・Receive operation data from client for equipment malfunction.
  • ・Data analysis by process simulator
  • ・If the analysis was unable to determine the problem, we reffer to the equipment drawings based on previous experience
  • ・We identified the problem and solved it.

*Our company does not merely rely on design tools. As a plant user's engineering company, we pinpoint the cause of trouble and find a solution based on our various problem-solving experiences in petroleum refining plants.